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The eQuest Subscriber Difference

Your marketing dollars are valuable and you want to make sure your advertising gets results. The eQuest System aims your marketing efforts right on target. eQuests give you a direct connection to potential customers. More than just a "lead," eQuests are submitted by people who have taken the time to request information about what your business has to offer.

The eQuest Systems Difference

  • Real Time Information Requests (eQuests)
  • Makes Marketing Quick and Easy
  • No Software to Install
  • No Software to Update
  • Access Information Anywhere, Anytime
  • Target the Audience that Wants to Hear from You
  • Easy to Use


eQuest Marketing Tools

The eQuest System gives you the power to quickly and easily execute your marketing strategy. In addition to having access to potential customers' contact information, you also have the tools you need to reach out to tell them about your business.

The eQuest Dashboard gives you the information you want to know at a glance. The Dashboard tells you how many new eQuests have been submitted since your last mailing and important messages from your eQuest Provider. eQuest Demographics are displayed on the Dashboard so you know exactly what you are getting for your marketing investment.

The eQuest Systems' built in email client lets you save a variety of email templates to respond to your marketplace at a touch of a button. Bulk emails are sent from your email address so responses go straight to you.

The "Express eQuest" feature makes direct mail marketing a breeze. Set up an automated delivery schedules to send mailing labels and electronic files directly to your email inbox. You determine when the mailing labels and files are delivered: daily, weekly, monthly, or at a set number of new eQuests.

Electronic files in a variety of formats, with your choice of information, can be downloaded and imported to an existing contact software program. This feature allows you to enhance an existing marketing program without missing a beat.

The advanced eQuests search option allows you to target historical eQuests, saving you time and money.

You know marketing is important but you don't always have the time needed to execute an effective marketing plan. The tools included in the eQuest System is like having a dedicated marketing staff member.

eQuest Systems Marketing Tools

  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Built-in Bulk Email Client
  • Mailing Labels Delivered to your Inbox
  • Electronic File Export
  • Advanced Search Options
The eQuest Advantage
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